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Narvik - Ascension to Apotheosis DigiCD

Narvik - Ascension to Apotheosis DigiCD

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"Ascension to Apotheosis" is Narvik's second full-length album. Its cover art symbolizes dehumanisation which is the central topic on this release. The artwork and layout was painted and executed by "Misanthropic Art" who has previously worked with bands such as Hooded Menace, Craft, Secrets of the Moon and Bölzer.
Narvik, which consists of founding members Redeemer, Lupus and P., has strongly evolved musically on this concept album, which becomes clear imminently. The songs "Geist zu Scherben" and "Psychotic Redeemer" which were previously released on the teaser EP "Fecundity of Death" are included as well. Narvik offer staccato riffing with a tendency towards disharmony and very peculiar bass work. The multi-facetted vocals delivers a wide range of emotions . In Black Metal, drumming is often only accompanying the guitars and thus set in the background. In Narvik's case, however, it is matched with the guitars and strives to set accents. The emphasis here is put on a differentiated drum play. 

The main theme on the album is the ruin of the ego - physically as well as mentally. When all columnis rupture, the descent into complete powerlessness is the first step towards apotheosis, like the phoenix from ashes. Additionally, some personal themes are included, which intend to drag the listener into a deep, mental hole. This is most obvious in the lyrics to The Shore: "enjyoy the time while flying - on the wings of liberty - before getting caught rapidly - accompanied by your own vacant thoughts"



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