VAMPIRSKA - Vermilion: Apparitions Frozen in Chimera Twilight CD

VAMPIRSKA - Vermilion: Apparitions Frozen in Chimera Twilight CD
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An establishment of new sounds, and an extension of familiar sounds, "Vermillion Apparitions Frozen in Chimera Twilight" is VAMPIRSKA at it's strongest and most enchanting. Six tracks that stylistically expand on what was previously known to be the VAMPIRSKA sound, redefined into darkness with an all-destroying ritual for the supernatural devastation that captures the unfamiliar essence of the entity. VAMPIRSKA reignites the black flame to burn stronger than ever with its most deadly display of black metal carnage to date. An embodiment of deathlike guitar work and haunting synth delivered over thunderous and, at times, complex drumming that compliments the compositions to their fullest potential.

This album was created from grief. A prayer to the ones who bear healing and convalescence. These chapters were created for a connection: spiritual, religious, an outer body perception. Call to forgiveness now. As in the afterlife, there will not be a subsequent gateway to serenity...


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