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CHIMAERA - Of Occult Signs And War DigiCD

CHIMAERA - Of Occult Signs And War DigiCD
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For eons the Chimera is a symbol for fear, suffer and pain. A symbol of destruction, side by side with the Hydra while Kerberos is waiting for the seals of hell to break away. People are slaughtered, souls are eaten and empires annihilated.

The nature of mankind is pure chaos hidden in the illusion of civilisation. There are so many sunken cities and nations. And just like these, humanity itself will cripple away until we are dead bones and rotting souls. Chimæra combines technique and fury within sharp detailed songwriting. Cold riffs and stomping beats, rusty lowends dancing and haunted choirs chanting! 6 hymns to praise!


1. The Chalice Of Sins 
2. To Build a Monument 
3. To Hell 
4. One Step Closer to Death 
5. Driving the Nails
6. Of Occult Signs and War

CHIMAERA - Of Occult Signs And War DigiCD


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