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Acherontas​ - Vamachara Doppel Vinyl mit Bonus

Acherontas​ - Vamachara Doppel Vinyl mit Bonus

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Vamachara streches back to the buried past, regressing back when the female archetype was worshipped through the Cult of Vama, the falsely so-called excremental,cast-out,left overs of spiritual practice, labelled as such by unaccomplished followers of the Solar Gods. The lunar waters shall possesss the Soul essence with the blood current of Immortality, pushing the Adept towards self excellence through the imbibation of the nectar of Salvation that is Amrita, through ordeals of black Al-Khemy. The vultures on  infertile grounds of the desert cry LA ILAHA ILA ANA, and you shall kneel to drink from the cup of the fornications of the priestess-either dust or Fire.

1. Opening the Eye of the Storm जागृति के आंख के तूफान के
2. Blood Current Illumination रक्त प्रवाह प्रकाश
3. Αβραξας
4. Vamachara वाम मार्ग
5. Ohm Krim Kali ओ काली
6. Beyond the Mazeways to Ophidian Gnosis परे के भूल भुलैया मार्ग को नगा ज्ञान
7. Drakonian Womb (Double Mem and Single Aleph) गर्भाशय 'राहु'

Acherontas​ - Vamachara Doppel Vinyl mit Bonus


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