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Demonic Forest - Frost Strength CD

Demonic Forest - Frost Strength CD

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Black Metal from Mexico
2nd  full-length album of Satanic goat worshippers Demonic Forest (Mex) from  the ancient forest, with acoustic guitars and a real underground sound.  Raw and fast cold Black Metal can be awaited to rape the cemetery  ground. Limited to 500 copies only!! Releasing this title the band have  problems with the graphic designer of the print, for a error of sintaxis  in the word STRENG-H-T (Correct is STRENGTH) the band wants solve this  problem, but as the work was completed the manager print no response to  solve this and finally was released and published as FROST STRENG-H-T. -  Primitivum Production

1. Cold Winds from the Wintermoon
2. Ancestor's Blood and Battle Soul
3. Frost Strength
4. Awakening an Old Tree
5. Werewolf Fullmoon Forest
6. Relentless Wisdom Above Humanity
7. Waterfall of Liquid Fire


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