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KREMATORIUM meldet sich mit neuen Material zurück. "Ahnenfeuer" ist eine Minialbum mit 4 Titeln (!). Frontmann Blutstahl hat erneut ein Werk geschaffen, welches nicht Roher und Intoleranter sein könnte. Das Layout wurde von Blutschwur Illustrationen erstellt. Die ersten 50 CD`s erhalten ein A2 Plakat gratis dazu. Weiterhin ist natürlich die passende Kleidung in Form eines T-Shirts demnächst erhältlich.


GNAARGAKH - Erzleichnam - Demo II

Wir freuen uns sehr, auch das zweite Demo von GNAARGAKH mit dem Namen "Erzleichnam - Demo II" veröffentlichen zu dürfen. Die vier anmutenden Titel stammen direkt aus den Katakomben der Unterwelt und haben eine Gesamtspielzeit von über 21 Minuten. "Erzleichnam" ist düster, modrig und in seiner Komplexität bizarr und anmutend. Das Demo erscheint im DigiPak in einer streng limitierten Auflage von gerade mal 66 Stück.

We are very happy to be able to publish the second demo of GNAARGAKH with the name "Erzleichnam - Demo II". The four seemingly titles come straight from the catacombs of the underworld and have a total playing time of over 21 minutes. "Erzleichnam" is dark, musty and, in its complexity, bizarre and seeming. The demo appears in the DigiPak in a strictly limited edition of just 66 pieces.



ERA OV DOLOR - From The Land Of Sorrow CD & A5 DIGICD

ERA OV DOLOR is a Finnish-German black metal band which releases its first sign of life "From The Land Of Sorrow" on Sturmglanz Productions. At the microphone is none other than PORCUS from PERMAFROST. Furthermore the heads LICH and CRESCENTIAN from Finland serve the instruments. The sound is truly fat and musically the gentlemen play a very atmospheric and profound, as well as in all facets creative Black Metal. The beginning is made... the project does not bend, but draws its appeal from angry and yet melancholic moments, which conceal in harmony savage beating and graceful elements.  

"From The Land Of Sorrow" is released in the classic jewel case format as well as a limited A5 DigiPak variant. Both include an 8-page booklet, which appears through drawings by #perkeleofdarknorth creative and color-coordinated to music. On 26 minutes there is musically a lot to discover and who is not afraid to risk an ear, will be richer after a true hell ride by many impressions and the realization that there is, besides the beaten path of Finnish Black Metal a terrain that shines with innovation and experimentation and is far from being fully explored.



TODESSOG - In Eternal Darkness CD & DIGICD

There is again news from the German Black Metal underground. The band TODESSOG reports with a first sign of life. A demo called "In Eternal Darkness". Misanthropic and hateful Black Metal. The demo appears as a regular CD version and as an A5 DigiPac limited to 50 pieces. Support the German underground, bastards. The vinyl version will be limited to 199 copies in summer. The first 66 pieces receive a logo patch.

Releasedate: 29.01.2021




At the beginning of 2021 the time has finally come. The new BURKHARTVINTER album "Mordbrand" will be released. The successor to "Hohenkrähen" appears on vinyl and CD. There is also a limited vinyl box. Since last week, recordings for our 3rd album are done. Coverart has been created again by infamous JDW Death my only Friend Artworks. Recorded primitively in our rehearsal room, there are 6 new tracks incoming like OTHALA ALEMANNIA and WHEN SATAN CALLS TO ARMS, around 45minutes of Hateful German Black Metal in total.

Releasedate: early 2021



KREMATORIUM - Götterdämmerung Album

The new album "Götterdämmerung" by KREMATORIUM will not be released by Sturmglanz as planned, but by the French colleagues from Hass Weg Production. For Germany we still take over the sales.




The German horde BLUTSTURM from Dresden are back with an EP. The gentlemen play fucked up and bestalic Black Metal again. The part will be "Hate Us!" and appear on a 10" vinyl (black wax) with CD in DigiSleeve. The package contains an additional A2 poster. Disgusting Satanic Black Metal. Who likes ARCHGOAT and BLACK WITCHERY will be fucked by BLUTSTURM. More Infos coming soon!

Releasedate: 26.02.2021

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