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RELEASE 05.12.2022 BURKHARTSVINTER - Burkhartsvinter Gatefold Vinyl

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Already after a few seconds the listener falls into thoughts of the good, old times of Scandinavian BM's, a time in which the BM still got along without big musical frills such as keyboards, etc.. "Burkhartsmal" could have been created without further ado in this time. The pieces show as already mentioned strong influences of the 90s, but still sound very independent. Sawing, hypnotic guitar riffs, powerful drums and a hoarse, croaking voice are all the trio needs to give the tracks an intense but also dynamic atmosphere. The dynamics within the songs, especially through the playful tempo changes between medium-fast and slow almost dragging passages shows the trio's playful potential. Pieces like "Necroblight" offer a high recognition value. An Anspieltipp is "Burkhartsmal II", which begins with an atmospheric acoustic part, only to pick up speed later and leave a lasting impression with a typical riffing reminiscent of Darkthrone. "Burkhartsmal II "thus represents the positive overall impression of the album quite well. Traditionalists of the genre should take a look at "Burkhartsmal", because the release offers no weaknesses and rather shows that albums can also sound beyond current trends playfully and atmospherically really good.

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