HÄXÄR - Häxär

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HÄXÄR - Häxär DIGICD / black / grey Vinyl

HÄXÄR from Helvetia is inspired by old spirits, cold and barren landscapes, as well as stories of the forefathers and gods and mix these inspirations with the sounds of Nordic melodies. HÄXÄR was recorded and mixed by V. Noir at Inferno Studio in Switzerland between July and November 2022. (V. Noir: all instruments, vocals, programming and mix). The album was mastered in December 2022 by Greg Chandler (ESOTERIC & LYCHGATE) at Priory Recording Studio UK. The guest vocals on the song "Der Wolf" as well as the violin on the song "Einklang (Intro)" are by Witch N. The radical riffs drill straight into your head and the driving rhythm shoots like a bullet from a rusty gun in the leg. The Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur releases the debut album on vinyl and in a DigiCD version. HÄXÄR hit the upper league and play the finest Black Metal.


The lone ranger crosses the dark valley. The animals scream in the thicket of conifers. The tall trees sing their song in the icy heights of their crowns. The ritual can now begin and the blood will flow. Goat skull and pentagram show what is happening here. The whistling of the wind and the scream of darkness unite to form a common musical sound work. The HÄXÄR shows the costume and tells the stories of the past. With the blood from his veins he now awakens the beast in the forest. Immerse yourself in the musical journey of HÄXÄR. Chase his path and follow him into the darkness. See what happens and stay alert, because the HÄXÄR doesn't show everyone its secrets.



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