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Gurthang - I Will Not Serve CD

Gurthang - I Will Not Serve CD
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Behemoth is next to Vader one of the best known band of Poland and it is quite usual to spot several similarities in songs. I have to admit that this is already proven in the very first song. ‘Nemesis’ has a similar vibe and intro as ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’ from the album ‘The Satanist’ by Behemoth. This is not something negative; it is a compliment in my opinion. This song creates a great dark atmosphere and the music completely sucks me in and I need to listen to the entire album. ‘Nemesis’ starts off with kind of a dragging pace with long chords on guitar and calmer drums. The last minute of this track however, a razor-sharp blasting part with blast beats and very heavy guitar and bass guitar riffs.

After this first roaring introduction, the song ‘Decaying Tombs’ follows. The drummer really blasts yeverything on its path away, the guitars are hunting perfectly along with the drums and the bass guitar pounds nicely. The vocals are raw and very dark; this suits the song well and creates some extra darkness. The use of a supporting keyboard makes this song darker and just makes it perfect for me. ‘Visions’ starts off in a somewhat strange sounding pace. It gives the idea of being fast because of the blasting drums, but the pace is turned down by slower guitars and bass guitar. Not bad to listen to, but it is a bit of a mindfuck for you as listener. The total package of this song is very sinister: the song is pitch black and this is created by dragging guitar riffs and the darkness provided by the use of synthesizers. I love it!

‘Non Serviam’ brings back the pace on this album and also is a great opportunity to start the ‘windmill’. Guitars and drums have a matching tempo and this results in a great blastfest. We are just at the fourth song on this record, but it drove my adrenaline rate to the max already. ‘The Unconquered Sun’ sets you back on earth with its intro, but kicks some ass right after this. This song also keeps the adrenaline going and knows how to keep my attention throughout its entire running time.

After a great streak of heavily headbanging, we arrive at the last song entitled ‘Szklany Okruch’. This is the longest song and ends ‘I Will Not Serve’ in a dragging pace. A great way to catch some breath and to recover from the brutal Blackened Doom of the previous eleven songs.

Right from the very first song I knew it already: this is going to be one hell of a record where I can hardly find any critical points. And the rest of ‘I Will Not Serve’ proved me right. It contains a great amount of variety: songs differ enough from each other and they all sound different. Next to that this album gives you as a listener a great opportunity to test your neck muscles. So all in all, a great result guys and a nice introduction to another band from Poland. Keep on going like this!

01. Nemesis
02. Decaying Tombs
03. Visions
04. Non Serviam
05. The Unconquered Sun
06. Levant Du Serpent Noir
07. The Scarlet Whore
08. Beauty Of Misconception
09. Devouring The Echo
10. Equilbrium Pathology
11. O Ye, The Sons Of Sion
12. Szklany Okruch

Gurthang - I Will Not Serve CD
Gurthang - I Will Not Serve CD


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