Astral Winter - Perdition CD

Astral Winter - Perdition CD
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If you like acoustic melodic experiments, then you shouldn’t miss this album. The band has already composed its next black metal album and I really hope they borrow and include the magical quality of “Perdition” in it! Either way, Astral Winter has proved with its first two works to be a really promising band that I will keep an eye on it for sure! “Perdition” is released by Immortal Frost Productions in a limited to 300 copies standard jewel-case edition, with a 4-page booklet illustrated by Antonio Jimenez of Brutal Disorder Logos. Their few lyrics are in the booklet. Astral Winter is already composing material for a fourth album!


01. The Rain Falls Upon This Distant Land | 3:16
02. An Endless And Vast Horizon | 6:2
03. Disappearing Into Nights Embrace | 3:06
04. To Destroy The Veil Of Time | 5:45
05. I Gaze Upon The Sky With Lifeless Eyes | 2:01
06. Shrouded In Mist And Pale Light | 5:21
07. A Vision In The Eclipsing Moon | 5:14
08. The Pillars Of Creation Descend To Ashen Ruin | 7:37


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