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A Transylvanian Funeral - Gorgos Goetia CD

A Transylvanian Funeral - Gorgos Goetia CD

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"Gorgos Goetia is a cathartic experience and it will renew the faith of the oldies in black metal again. Fucking perfect." - Metal As Fuck "Gorgos Goetia might possibly be the creepiest record of the year." - "A Transylvanian Funeral is undoubtedly of a quality that a lot of one man black metal releases fail to achieve and this release will appeal to addicts of the scene." - Ave Noctum Zine "This is certainly American black metal at it's most pure and should even get the kvltists who think that the only good black metal is Norwegian black metal, to change their tune - albeit slightly." - The Grim Tower Zine
"Whilst many one man acts churn out copious amounts of tedium inducing cookie cutter horse fodder every few months A Transylvania Funeral has a far more steady release rate and the third full length release ‘Gorgos Goetia’ is certainly something quite special." - Destructive Music Zine

01. Cold Blood and Darkness 03:34
02. Burning Astral Hunger 05:52
03. Light Cast Out 05:33
04. The Supreme Rite of Transmutation 05:26
05. Fear 06:16
06. Mars Exalted In Capricorn 07:53
07. Moonchild 07:06
08. Night Hags 06:29
09. Percival In Black Armour 07:55
10. Ten of Swords 05:26
11. Hymn to a Gorgon 07:21
12. Goliath Resurrected 04:01


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