THE KRYPTIK - A Journey to the darkest Kingdom CD

THE KRYPTIK - A Journey to the darkest Kingdom CD
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In the autumn of 2019 came their acclaimed second album, When the Shadows Rise, a startlingly immersive gem of symphonic black metal, and many finally took notice. A year late came the 40-minute Behold Fortress Inferno, which poignantly expanded on their vast canvas despite "only" being a mini-album. Between these two records especially, THE KRYPTIK proved that "symphonic black metal" need not be a dirty word; with no outside influence from the nowadays "black metal" scene, the duo dependably practiced their mystical arts and erected a grand citadel of sound - an atavistic awakening of when all was simply BLACK METAL, heedless of appellations. 

And so it goes with THE KRYPTIK's massive third album, A Journey to the Darkest Kingdom. Truly titled, the seven-track/70-minute A Journey to the Darkest Kingdom reveals the duo's grandest vision yet: neo-ancient symphonic black metal drenched in the dark waters of the cosmos, a castle of crystalline ice whose spires reach into boundless space. The band's ebon flow continually crests and cascades, synths swirling all about and with utterly magickal effect. The production here in this Darkest Kingdom is clear and sharp - all murk excised for maximum immersion, gorgeous swell, and pulsing violence - altogether sounding incredibly vintage and era-authentic yet somehow fresher than most nowadays black metal recordings. But, that magick largely resides in THE KRYPTIK's songwriting, as each song is an epic in its own right and then are all threaded together as one fever dream: melodicism, majesty, and malice in perfect balance. Thus, A Journey to the Darkest Kingdom follows logically in THE KRYPTIK's continuum whilst pushing their creativity to even-more-breathtaking heights. Have they delivered a classic on par with WitchcraftThe Sad Realm of the Stars, or even Stormblåst? Only time shall be the judge...

from us the gift of eternity
so the Lucifer's star to shine
a journey to the darkest kingdom

D. Sinner - all instruments, vocals
F. Tormentor - drums

Release notes
Recorded between November 2021 and December 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Produced by D. Sinner and F. Tormentor
All songs by D. Sinner and F. Tormentor

1. A Journey to the Darkest Kingdom 
2. Into the Blasphemy Ritual 
3. The Rotten Wounds of the Blessed 
4. Unhallowed 
5. Bloodthirsty the Mighty Bestiary 
6. The Sovereign Whore
7. Opus Lucifero


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