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IMMORTAL - Blizzard Beasts Galaxy Vinyl

IMMORTAL - Blizzard Beasts Galaxy Vinyl
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Hersteller: Osmose Production
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Immortal's fourth winter opus, Blizzard Beasts, introduced a new sound, and new drummer, to the band. The album continues the legacy of the band's freezing cold sound and snow-covered lyrics, but with a new style of production that was unheard of in the earlier work. Blizzard Beasts features a heavier, fuller, and more frigid sound than its predecessors, brought in part by drummer Horgh's contribution. The endless blast beats and ripping guitar chords are nothing new for Immortal, but they have never sounded quite as intense and harsh as they do on Blizzard Beasts. Here it is from start to finish, in all its grimness and horror.

Reprint, 488 sea blue with black galaxy effect vinyl 180g, in a black poly-lined innersleeve. Gatefold, full-color printed on 350g with high-gloss lamination, all assembled in a plastic overbag.

IMMORTAL - Blizzard Beasts Galaxy Vinyl


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