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Idis Olrog - The Spiral Tide of Seasons Digi-CD

Idis Olrog - The Spiral Tide of Seasons Digi-CD
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The new Idis Orlog CD is now out. This is Idis Orlogs first full length studio album. Sif Idis brings a whole new look at the art of Pagan Folk Music. As opposed to the Shield Maiden, battle-scared Valkyrie, Sif uses a different approach. Much in tuned with Mother Jorth. And lyrically about the love for nature, Wyrd, and Gods. Features Runahild of Eliwager on flute and Violin. Bringing soothing tunes in the vein of Hagalaz Runedance, Eliwagar, Fire+Ice, and Folkearth (acoustic). The CD will come in a fold out digi-pack plus booklet. The material for this album was pressed on 100% recycled paper.


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