Lycanthropy - Black Christmas DigiPack CD

Lycanthropy - Black Christmas DigiPack CD
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Lycanthropy‘s “Black Christmas” demo re-release will be available in the coming days. This is the first official CD release of this demo from 2008, all other CD versions of this demo are to be considered bootlegs, published by rip-off scum. The demo consists of 9 tracks (including a Lucifugum cover), comes as a digipak with a booklet, all featuring new artwork. This release is limited to 100 copies. Lycanthropy play a brand of pure lycanthropic, raw and uncompromising Black Metal.

Review. pest webzine (
First of all I cannot help on commenting on this one: I don't understand why a lot of Black Metal oriented labels nowadays are re-releasing materials from years back, investing a lot of money and effort, instead of releasing new materials when there are thousands of bands out there who are really looking forward to get such a deal. It's the labels' policy, it's their decision, but honestly I don't understand it.
Anyway, let's talk about this album. Debut album of this Russian duo, "Black Christmas" is composed of 9 tracks, with a total playing time of a bit more than half an hour. The music is definitely based on Black Metal, old-school, raw Black Metal, but there are a lot of influences from old-school Death Metal also, and that's why I've labeled it Black Death. They (the band and label) say it's 100% Black Metal, but I don't agree, the American Old-School Death Metal influences are multiple. Passing over that the music is really good, very aggressive, brutal at times and served with a deep darkened and sinister atmosphere. The short melodic, semi-acoustic insertions are some very good additions also, and the general impression after listening to this album is quite favourable, if you're into '90's aggressive, raw Black Death Metal and you care more about the music than the sound quality, you'll pretty much enjoy this release as I did, everything sounds organic here, even the drum-machine, usually I'm bothered by its sound, but not here. The only fault I can find is the vocals sound that sometimes becomes overwhelmed by the instruments and you can barely hear it.

Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10


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