Enthroned - Promo 94 CD

Enthroned - Promo 94 CD
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In the first half of the 1990s it was ENTHRONED, along with their comrades of Ancient Rites, that put Belgium on the map of a still restless and exciting Black Metal geography. It's not inappropriate to say that the 25 mins of material which constitute this raging and utterly evil "Promo 94" has had its fair share in aforementioned emergence. Thus, Medieval Prophecy Rec., who'll handle the vinyl version, and Deviant Rec., taking care of the CD press (lim. 500) as part of our Nocturnal Legacy series, are proud to present this testimony of a past but not forgotten time again, in a form that breathes utmost respect for its significance.

While the musical content speaks for itself and is a must-have in any well-sorted collection, it's our pleasure to accompany it with a 36-pages CD booklet including old flyers, photos, and interviews with Lord Sabathan, Tsebaoth as well as Nornagest, reflecting on this meaningful period in Black Metal history and ENTHRONED's place therein.


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