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Purity Through Fire
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Purity Through Fire

Goats of Doom - Shiva CD

Goats of Doom - Shiva CD
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Hersteller: Purity Through Fire
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GOATS OF DOOM should require no introduction. For the past decade, they've remained one of the Finnish underground's best-kept secrets, largely because of a somewhat misleading moniker, but make no mistake: GOATS OF DOOM are 100% black metal through and through. Their stout catalog has seen the band develop from a synth-based style of black metal during their first three albums; then, with an expansion from a trio to quartet, GOATS OF DOOM truly began their ascent with 2018's Rukous, where an uptick in aggression melded with the mysterious atmosphere of old. Aligning with PURITY THROUGH FIRE in 2020 for Tie on hänen omilleen, GOATS OF DOOM finally seemed to have gotten their due or at least raised their profile. Not for nothing, that, as Tie on hänen omilleen was arguably the band's most powerful 'n' poignant record to date.



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