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Purity Through Fire
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Purity Through Fire

Slagmark - Purging Sacred Soils Vinyl black wax

Slagmark - Purging Sacred Soils Vinyl black wax
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Hersteller: Purity Through Fire
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Although a brand-new entity, SLAGMARK feature members of SARKRISTA and TOTENWACHE. As such, the brand play pure and proud BLACK METAL of the old 'n' cold variety. Trace elements of classic Finnish-style black metal run rampant across Purging Sacred Soils - a cryogenic fire, steeped in filth and fury as it is hateful - which is not surprising given the SARKRISTA connection, they a band of transplanted Finns. Indeed, SLAGMARK add new fuel to the fire that stokes the classic Finnish/German alliance, tearing through six songs in a swift half-hour of raw 'n' righteous splendor. Familiar it may be, but "returning to misery and comfort," as Sargeist once put it, is a quintessentially black metal activity...

Nasty melodicism, dangerous execution, a total disregard for modernity and "progression"...begin Purging Sacred Soils with SLAGMARK!



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