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Purity Through Fire
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Purity Through Fire

Vananidr - Damnation black Vinyl

Vananidr - Damnation black Vinyl
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Hersteller: Purity Through Fire
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VANANIDR's history begins in the mid '90s when Titan (now in IXXI) forms the band Hydra. In 1999, he is accompanied by Anders Eriksson AKA Flame (guitar), Erebus (vocals), and Thunder (drums, now also in IXXI). Over the next five years, they record several demos and an album titled /Phaedra/. When recordings for the second album are begun, Erebus quits the band and the following year, Titan also quits. In 2010, Anders picks up the pieces of the unfinished recordings and records the vocals himself, and the album is finally finished under a new band name: Synodus Horrenda. Progress is slow, but in 2017, Anders completes a new album with Thunder on drums and later changes the band name once again to the more suiting VANANIDR.

With Anders then the only remaining member from the Hydra years since Thunder disappeared along the way, VANANIDR wasted no time in releasing the follow-up album, /Road North/. Whereas the self-titled album was largely somber, shadowy, and evoked a woodland mysticism, the aptly titled /Road North/explored colder and more unforgiving realms. With momentum building ever hotter/colder, now do VANANIDR return with their third album, /Damnation/.

Featuring an all-new lineup with Anders again leading the way, VANANIDR's /Damnation /suitably splits the difference between its two full-length predecessors - the solemn dynamics of /Vananidr /crossed with the more aggressive aspect of /Road North/, if you will. And immediately, /Damnation /bursts forth with that now-signature VANANIDR sound: an undulating snowstorm of white-hot melodicism, the spiraling violence spilling forth even-more-epic visions. And now, those visions retain the band's elder '90s classicism whilst imparting a sleeker, more modern atmosphere - gritty, urban, but wolfish and ever alone. Not for nothing is the detailed cover artwork courtesy of Andkill the way it is...

Grim and resolute, roving the forests and cityscape alike, VANANIDR hereby deliver you /Damnation/! 


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