The Committee - Power Through Unity Vinyl

The Committee - Power Through Unity Vinyl

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This full length album features 6 tracks that tell a story of unprecedented suffering, horror and atrocities. The dark, melancholic and bitter atmosphere permeates the tracks in order to unleash an assault upon your senses. But not all is grim and pessimistic. This blend of Black and Doom metal tells a story of reconciliation and an alternative view of history. "Power Through Unity" is proudly released by Folter Records.
This album does not conform to any ideologies,  in stead floats above them in order to show a cold and pragmatic view on the events that robbed the world of millions of lives in pointless slaughter between nations who were drawn in conflicts of complex occult design.

1. Not Our Revolution
2. The Man of Steel
3. By My Bare Hands
4. The Last Goodbye
5. Katherine's Chant
6. Power Through Unity


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