Illum Adora - Infernum et Necromantium MCD

From down there, the damned protagonists of ILLUM ADORA return, to once again take you along to their reminiscent journey within the glorious black metal times of the early to mid nineties. Hearken with extraordinary lucidity their cries of admiration for the mystic, atmospheric and for the blackest sounds of the Middle Ages. 4 own songs are featured plus a cover-version of Behemoth's "Blackvisions of the Almighty" from 1994.

The Throne has been reconquered once again by 23 Minutes of sheer nostalgic, satanic and evil music – the most atrocious edicts promulgate definitely not for the last time: NON SERVIAM!

1. Infernum et Necromantium 4:36
2. Oscurita Medievale 3:52
3. Master of Contempt 4:10
4. Heroine des Grauens 5:03
5. Blackvisions of the Almighty 4:52


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Illum Adora - Infernum et Necromantium MCD