MOONTOWER - Voices Of The Unholy Land Tape

Moontower :Interpret

Voices Of The Unholy Land :Titel

Sturmglanz Produktionen:Label

Januar 2016 :Erscheinung


Artikelnummer: 2016S001

Genre: Black Metal

Format: Tape

Spieldauer: 38:15 min

True underground black metal veterans Moontower! The excellent album "Voices Of The Unholy Land" (2012) on Tape. Guest appearance of Xaos Oblivion and Graf Gog von Magog. Fucking Black Metal since 1995 from Poland. Tape Limited 66 pieces!


01. Intro  01:16    

02. Astral Thought of Ubermensch  04:04  

03. Apoteoza zniszczenia  04:58  

04. Diabolus Millenium  04:41    

05. The Majestic Solitude  03:56   

06. Termianl Battle  04:44   

07. Zarathustra's Will  03:35  

08. Denaturalized Cult of Cross  04:47   

09. The Night of Funeral Winds  04:25   

10. Outro  01:49   







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