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Bandinterview: INFERNAL WAR (Der Pestbote #3)


Dieses Interview stammt aus der #3 DER PESTBOTE Ausgabe, welch im Februar 2019 erschien und bereits komplett vergriffen ist.


Sturmglanz: You're just coming back from the tour with MARDUK. How was it and what didyou experience?


INFERNAL WAR: I wasn't on the tour, but as far as I know it was good. Several shows were cancelled due to a few spineless individuals and some social justice wankers, but nothing extraordinary. All shows the band played were excellent and Marduk and Ragnarok are great guys.


Sturmglanz: Unfortunately, it once again came in Germany to problems. Your completeperformances have been canceled! What was going on and why was the tour going throughwith you? Did you expect so much wind?


INFERNAL WAR: We actually did expect some problems in Germany. It goes with the terrritory, especially in these times of double standards. Same old story - someone talks shit about nazis, someone shits his pants and cancells the show, no one gives a damn about the truth. Well, we are not nazis in any way, but we won't apologize for not being your average all-loving safe space black metal band.


Sturmglanz: It annoys you, if it happens again and again, that concerts and even parts of a tour are announced.


INFERNAL WAR: Well, it happened to many bigger and less controversial band too. This is the reality we live in, but I believe it is temporary. Sooner or letter, this kingdom of hypocrisy will fall. There's no point in whinning.


Sturmglanz: The last album of INFERNAL WAR was released over 3 years ago. I'm sureyou're already working on a new album?


INFERNAL WAR:  Yes, slowly, but I cannot give you any timeframe. There is no pressure or deadlines to meet.


Sturmglanz: In our review, we have indeed celebrated your new album "Axiom" properly, and in my opinion, quite rightly. How did you manage to release a small milestone of Black Metal?


INFERNAL WAR: Thank you for your kind words, but I would not say it is a milestone. It's inspired and perfectly executed manifestation of what the band was at that time, but it won't revolutionize the genre like Under The Sign Of The Black Mark or the debut album of Mayhem did.






Sturmglanz: Can one already announce details in this regard and will it be published again via AGONIA RECORDS?


INFERNAL WAR: It is too early to talk about any details, but our cooperation with Agonia has been successful so far.


Sturmglanz: There has been INFERNAL WAR for more than 20 years now and you havereinvented yourself musically several times. How do you avoid artistic stoppage?


INFERNAL WAR: 20 years, but only 3 full lenghts so far. We create and record only when we feel we are absolutely ready.


Sturmglanz: Did you ever think about celebrating this anniversary?


INFERNAL WAR: Not really. We could have done that last year. Now it is too late anyway.


Sturmglanz: Were there moments when you wanted to throw away everything to leave thepast behind? Or do you stand by your past, which includes INFERNAL SS?


INFERNAL WAR: Infernal SS was an early incarnation of the band so why distancing ourselves from it? People tend to think it was a kind of NSBM band. It wasn't. We had rather cliche lyrics about judeo-christian genocide and inhumanities of WW2 written mainly by the band's ex-bassist who left the band before the release of the debut MCD.


Sturmglanz: Looking back, are there things you would have done differently anyway? Songs, albums, decisions in the band context?


INFERNAL WAR: Some things could or even should have been done differently, but what matters is here and now. It's not use crying over spilt milk.


Sturmglanz: But nevertheless, in order to close the topic then also: Can it be a burden fromnow on, probably to be constantly reminded with these to the past?


INFERNAL WAR: To be honest, I don't care. This is a black metal band dealing with all the darkness in man and beyond. It is not for everyone. If you feel offended, then it's definitely not for you.


Sturmglanz: What was your opinion on the European black metal scene from 20 years ago totoday?


INFERNAL WAR: The amount of serious bands and individuals has remained more or less constant, but nowdays the whole so-called scene is more overcrowded by unserious people and uninspired bands. In the middle 90s you had all those worthless Burzum clones, now you have all these boring bands with occult imagery. To be honest I don't follow the current scene that much, but I still find something I like from time to time.


Sturmglanz: You exude a lot of radical energy at your concerts - at least you'll be relieved thatyou're extremely brutal on stage. Do you have certain rituals that you use to incite each otherbefore the show?


INFERNAL WAR: We don't have to. We just bleed what we feel through the instruments and vocal chords.


Sturmglanz: You know the business, but let's face it, is INFERNAL WAR for you or just an outlet for your personal ideology?


INFERNAL WAR: I would not call it ideology, but each my artistic endeavor is driven by my personal beliefs. Same for the my band mates, I hope.


Sturmglanz: Time away from the music spoken - currently the focus is on refugees. How do you see this topic and what should change in your opinion? Is this a topic in Poland?


INFERNAL WAR: It's a complicated subject, because there are people running from war willing to respect countries they come to and their culture, but also hundreds of thousands of agressive, dangerous and savage parasites feeding on social welfare. For the latter, I don't want them in my country, I don't want them in Europe. Unfortunately, we live in times of double standards, but it can't go on for long.


Sturmglanz: What are you planning in the near future?


INFERNAL WAR: Nothing particular. W are busy with our everyday life.


Sturmglanz: Then I would like to thank you for your time and leave the last words of theinterview with pleasure to you!


INFERNAL WAR: Thank you for your support and interest in Infernal War.






Varar Wallheim - Interview aus der #3 DER PESTBOTE Ausgabe (AUSVERKAUFT)



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