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Sturmglanz Veröffentlichung



Bandinterview: MOGH


MOGH geben uns einen ausführlichen Überblick über die intensive Verbindung von tradtionionelle islamischen Kulture und dem "verbotenenen" Black Metal. Darüber hinaus erzählt uns das Trio, welche Einflüsse die Band hat, die mit ihrem Stil die orientalischen Grenzen immer wieder durchqueren. MOGH sprechen dabei offen über die Abneigung gegenüber der islamistischen Verherrlichung und dessen MIssbrauch!


Sturmglanz: Ave und Dank für das Interview! Könnt ihr unseren Lesern einen ersten Überblick über MOGH verschaffen. Wann habt ihr Euch gegründet, welches Konzept steht dahinter und welche Mitglieder gibt es Momentan innerhalb der Band?


Mogh: Ave Ahriman Ave Zurvan Ave Shaytan Mogh is formed in 06.06.2006 in India. I have a long years of academic studying philosophy, theology and chemistry nonsense in search of our original identity where all I got was illusive, deceptive and misleading form of mankind history of knowledge. Though story of Mogh began after I found a book by Author Dr.Helmut Humbach translated by Dr. Roghayeh Behzadi which was about the Moghs (ministers of the ancient Mesopotamian kings who had the knowledge of Geometric Archaeoastronomy and magick). Moghs were first volunteers and initiators of the zurvan cult who were carrying the deep-rooted wisdom of humankind. This book was a blueprint of their trace and the start of my journey. I visited antiquated undiscovered outlying places.met people who preserve this essence chest to chest from one generation to another.I served in zoroastrian temple as a guardian of fire for years to be deserved and qualifed to be the carrier. I make it Mogh I decipher this information into Art and mainly music which is based on simplicity and intensity. For instance, in Mogh songs there is a connection between the mathematic of tone intervals and rhythm with breathing techniques. there is a logic behind the structure of every song toward enlightenment. Our current members are Lord Faustoos: former,guitar,vocal,folklore instrument (tanbur, divan, zither) Charuk Revan: keyboard, piano, back vocal Waruhr: drums.


Sturmglanz: Ursprünglich kommt ihr aus dem Iran, was man auch immer wieder in eurer Musik hören kann.  Was hat euch dazu bewogen, Black Metal in dieser Form zu spielen?


Mogh: Persia is a vast aryan multicultural land.and the music dates back to prehistoric era.the variation of folklore as well as traditional instruments in every region creates the music of various styles, techniques and usage in ceremonies, rituals and daily life. referring to one of these styles, Dastghah is our classical/traditional musical modal system consists of Radif, Gushe and Avaz. maqam is ritualistic musical system which is preserved chest to chest to this date in specific Regions. Avaz is a musical system based on poems. Persian poems have their specific Rhyme, rhythms and melody in its this system one syllable is named TAN. This word travels to western musical system and is transformed to TONE/ NOTE. As I mentioned only small part, we have an endless source of inspiration which is epic, aggressive, poetic and blasphemic and it has all the elements of black metal in an acoustic version.


Surmglanz: Um noch einen Schritt weiter zu gehen: ihr bezeichnet euern Stil als PersianOrient-Occult-Black-Metal - Anti-Religiös und Anti-Islamisch! Auf der Bühne habt ihr neulich einige Seiten wütend aus dem Koran herausgerissen! Was ist der Grund für diese radikale Einstellung? Welchen Auslöser hatte diese?


Mogh: Koran is muslims constitution book which legitimize them to conquest non-muslims by killing,raping and capturing the lands.a small summery of where is Koran actually coming from, which i would like to talk about, this you can not and in mainstream media or books when suburban arab tribes attacked to persia during the Sassanid empire they succeeded to conquest the land and settle.because of the root similarity of the parsi language and this barbaric tribes ,they who were at the time in power could abuse the language, forcing the persian scholars and poets to transform Koran literature, which was the political/business manifesto of Mohammad. By time muslims citing to this law book, which is against non-muslim humans and cultural values, literally destroying and are vandalizing thousand years heritage of my ancestors and the worst is moderate muslims ,whom everyone in western countries is in love with, representers of art and coexistence, citing to the same Koran.  I as a non muslim grew up in my own country as a alien because of the islamic rulers, witnessing the execution of my family and my fellow friends in a daily life.the civilization the creation of my fathers and mothers is being depredate and represented nowadays as * Islamic Art *. Islam and Art can hardly stand beside one another.blood shed is in between. Islam is not just a religion, or a way of thinking it is a very powerful tool and we all know the global politic is supporting every kind of religion and specifically Islam for middle east to suppress the identity of origins, causing weakness and slavery  and make tones of money. So after knowing and experiencing all this factors with flesh and blood do you still think my expression and attitude is radical ???  If yes, you are the next victim of this cultural war which is leading to a real will lose your language, history of art and frankly your heritage and land. And still thats a shame for us that we are such a dreamers that presenting our expression symbolically as art on the stage. But Fall will not last forever.






Sturmglanz: Kaum jemand nimmt so offen Stellung gegen den Islam wie ihr. Dazu zolle ich euch erst einmal enormen Respekt und Anerkennung. Gab es schon einmal Probleme mit dieser bezüglich? Das Thema ist momentan ja heißer denn je!


Mogh: Did got problems in Iran due to islamic domination where music in most of the cases is forbidden and metal music is an illegal act and one can be sentenced to hard punishments like long time jails and even execution, we were active underground with extremely high security cares and secrecy. nevertheless we were caught several times by moral police. Few times kept in jail and have been torture, as a result i lost several of my teeth and broke my ankle. But as we were quit pushing back in 1998 we did manage to get permission for a show with one of our bands called *Tears of Fire* legally. predictably we were interrupted during the show by electricity cut as secret police jumped on to the stage and broke our instruments.just some of us manage to scape with crowd help. in 2005 with another multiart project we have been permitted to perform in war and peace exhibition among other art groups. At the day of exhibit our mighty secret police appeared at entrance,occupied the museum, cancelled the event arrested me in a hand cough, blinded folded and took me to criminal prison. In india we confronted so many threats but luckily no action. In germany/hamburg/kaiserkeller 2014 we had same perform same as in Jena, not knowing that the owner of the club is a muslim guy so we paid this neglect with harsh threat of being killed by the owner and security of the club.they wanted to cancel the whole night but the bands interfere and convinced them to let the event end and forced me to apologize for the act.


Sturmglanz: Eure hypnotischen und tranceartigen Grundstimmung haben auch einen sehr Folklastigen Hintergrund und entführt den Hörer immer wieder in eine orientalische Ecke. Was sind hierbei eure Einflüsse und Inspirationen?


Mogh: Unfortunately we are coming from a vast land with an ancient spirit and the vibration of this energy is in our hand and voice. Until you did not step on this mystic land you won`t realize what i m talking about.


Sturmglanz: Eure aktuelle Veröffentlichung ist eine Split zusammen mit zwei weiteren Bands die den Namen "Aryan Diaspora" bekommen hat. Das das Wort "Arier" schon seit mehreren hundert Jahren im persischen Raum regulär verwendet wird, wissen wohl nur die wenigsten. Hattet ihr bedenken bei der Namenswahl? Und wie kam diese Split zustande?


Mogh: "Iran" derives from the word "Aryan", inside the country till this date, Iranians use this word referring to their original citizenship.but outsiders use the term persia/persian.  Word  "Diaspora" means the dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland so as this split is the compilation of 3 Iranian bands living in exile, we decided the name  "Aryan Diaspora". Akvan and Mogh both use the very old oriental ethnic/traditional instrument so this is the resemblance for both bands. Yajuj o Majuj was selected because of it s dark oriental ambient atmosphere sound.


Sturmglanz: Bevor diese Split veröffentlicht wurde habt ihr ein eigenwilliges Konzept. Seit 2010 habt ihr neun Live-Alben veröffentlicht! Welche Gründe gab es dafür und warum habt keinen richtigen Alben veröffentlicht!


Mogh: Non Real Albums???!! Our defnition of real album is quit different.personally i prefer to release live albums rather than fake studio one. According to occult perception viewing the life as a living ritual, referring to string theory, describes how these energy strings propagate through space and time and interact with each other. On the stage as we create mass of frequencies with our instruments as well as with our bodies making a united package which is unique and unrepeatable because of time and space coordination,crowd energy even divers from land to land due to the position of the country on earth. on stage every member releases  adrenalin and hormones because of excitement,anger, grief etc which affect the quality of the perform and that i think makes it make mistakes like you do in real can not edit your loss or your failures.on stage you learn to be responsible. Studio is a clean,safe,dead room which separates the members from each have the opportunity to edit to erase to rest and so on.we try to avoid following this virtual marketing and commercial music industry which is misleading and against our aim.


Sturmglanz: Wir gehen weiter zurück zur Split Veröffentlichung "Islam Is Dead" zusammen mit COLD CRY aus Tehran! Wie es scheint gibt es noch weitere Mitstreiter, welche diesen Kurs verfolgen und mit euch sympathisieren! Obwohl sich der Iran gerade wieder stabilisiert und die westlichen Wirtschaftsanktionen gelockert wurden, bleibt ja doch die religiöse Macht erhalten. Ist dies nicht gefährlich, solche Veröffentlichungen wie "Islam Is Dead" im Iran zu verbreiten und wie werden diese im Orient aufgenommen?


Mogh: Iran never was and will be stabilized of course because of its oil,gas and other mineral reserves.boycotting and then removing the sanctions is only part of a repeating political games/cover up, for me and you, in which both sides, west and islamic regime have their benefits. The main plan is targeting all countries with long history of civilization to be erased from the history books by time so that next generations are dumb and brain washed to be controlled easily.and best way is the religion. and of course the concept of *Islam is Dead* is dangerous to be exposed in Iran thats why I released the album just when i reached to Germany in 2012. The feedback about this split was shocking because somehow it is a taboo. Along with the label permission we released the split for free download online and so many websites spread the link and statistic of downloads are thousands.especially from middle east because i think it is so many people`s concern however they don`t dare to bring it up. the split title Islam is dead is controversial as well as every song name which is overturning the initial and holy terms in islam.






Sturmglanz: Habt ihr bereits im Iran angefangen Black Metal zu spielen oder erst hier in Deutschland? Wie hat euch der westliche Stil beeinflusst?


Mogh: Back in Iran 1998 I have formed my frst band titled Tears of Fire in folk black metal genre.after performing 2 concerts in 1999 we all ended up in custody. And that was the end in Iran. Though Tears of fire will rise again soon. In 1999 we continued with Warrior of Peace which was an Art group combination of our music with video art, theater, installation art... to reduce the risk of being recognized as an black metal band. this project has 4 successful events on his resume in the period of 5 years (2000-2005) in the most well known concert halls, art venues and museums in Tehran/Iran. However after this efficient period we found ourselves in jail.end of story in Iran. On winter time 2004 Beaten Victoriouses, a depressive suicidal black metal was born out of the project warrior of peace. After recording the very first Demo album in 2005 titled Abalis, I had to move out and settle in India due to several political issues. In 2006 Mogh was formed in India and till 2012 had 31 shows all over India.we continued after I moved to Germany in 2012 till this date. Black metal for me is not a music genre but a life style for extreme people. Of course west was the pioneer of this style in a musical way and developed and expand the techniques in a very unique way and as I m from the cassette generation I remember at a time we could manage to get some western band releases, underground and i was always in the loop.


Sturmglanz: Gibt es in euerm Heimatland eine Metal Szene? Wenn ja, wie ist diese Organisiert und habt ihr Kontakt zu dieser?


Mogh: For sure, Iran has the largest number of metal bands in middle east surely because of the extreme suppression of the islamic regime . They are active secretly with nicknames, no pictures and no public events due to the serious danger from the sharia law. I have contacts with the most extreme bands in my online network planning to do something in future.







Sturmglanz: Auf der einen Seite nehmt ihr immer wieder Einflüsse aus dem Orient in eure Musik auf und auf der anderen Seite habt ihr neulich bei einem Ritual die Iranische Flagge mit Blut beschmiert und mit Füßen getreten. Welche Verbundenheit gibt es noch zu euerm Heimatland? Warum diese Gegensätze?


Mogh: Imagine from today your goverment put the Allah sign in the middle of your current flag! How would you feel? our original flag is three color green/white/red with the Sun and Lion symbol in the center. this symbol has ancient roots and is the sign of royalty. 37 years ago with the islamic revolt in the country the regime replaced the original symbol with the emblem of written Allah (in arabic means god) in red centered and on the white stripe The statement "God is Great" is  written in white square Kufic script a total of 22 times on the fringe of both the green and red bands. with this flag, war with Iraq imposed to Iranians in 1980-1988  in which my parents were killed. this flag is the reason that people all over the world know Iranians as muslims.we are known as arabs and they think our language is arabic. This flag is an islamic sign and has nothing to do with who we are and what we believe in.we don`t legitimize this flag. this new flag is a humiliation and shame for iranians. iI means discrimination and suppression. It is insulting.


Sturmglanz: Wo kann man eure Tonträger erwerben? Gib es die ersten Fünf Vollalben noch irgendwo zu erstehen?


Mogh: The first 5 full length albums have been released by Zurvan production and one can contact directly via offcial Facebook page of Zurvan Production and order.


Sturmglanz: Könnt ihr unseren Lesern beschreiben, wie ein Titel bei euch von der Idee bis zur Verwirklichung entsteht?


Mogh: I hunt melodies in my meditations, immediately i save a sample by humming or any instrument near me.I store it in my archive and listen to this records thousand times in different mood with different order to and most of the melodies are esoteric, relevant to numerology, breathing techniques and very old musical combinations it is often so complicated to and the puzzle. After i make some sketch of what i found,i consult with both experts in eastern music and spirit. at this point I bring the raw material to practice room and share with my bandmates for the forms, structures and development.and some of Mogh songs are inspired by old folklore persian songs .we adapt the melody ,add our personal interpretation of the mood and represent it in our style.


Sturmglanz: Eure Veröffentlichungen sind immer sehr stark limitiert? Gibt es dafür einen speziellen Grund? Wollt ihr eure Musik nicht der breiten Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machen?


Mogh: The number of printing is depended on record labels and productions policy, till now this numbers vary from 33-50-100 up to 500 copies. When the copies are sold by the labels they ask us for making the next edition. Additionally we put some of the works, which had the labels permission, the free download link for public.


Sturmglanz: Was steht als nächstes an? Ein neues Voll-Album? Weitere Rituale?


Mogh: In 2016 a Demo will be released by a swiss label and till end of the year hopefully a full length will come out with german label. And ritual must go on.


Sturmglanz: Was und wie spielt Social-Media eine Rolle in euerm Leben bzw. in Verbindung mit MOGH? Nutzt ihre diese oder seid ihr gänzlich dagegen?


Mogh: Want it or not we are trapped in earth since we have been engineered and we like it or not we exist in network. hiding from the reality sounds like joke.


Sturmglanz: Um das Interview gebührend Abzuschließen, fragen ich Euch nach eurer allgemeinen und individuellen Weltanschauung? Wenn man diese Frage überhaupt beantworten kann!


Mogh: Imagin you are in a fun fair for a limited time and you have some tickets in hand.what are you going to do in this few hours?!


Sturmglanz: Ich bedanke mich für dieses Interview und geben die Letzten Worte an MOGH!


Mogh: Thank you and your team Hails to Victory


Varar Wallheim (Mai 2016)


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