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Bandinterview: Kaiserreich


Sturmglanz: Hailz, first of all thank you for this interview. Many of our readers are looking forward to your answers and what you have to say. I am looking forward to your words. I recently saw you with KAISERREICH at a festival and absolutely loved it. Can you tell us first about the origin of KAISERREICH?


Kaiserreich: Thank you very much for the chance to present our band to your readers. I guess you saw us at the Nyrsko festival in Czech Republic (+Link), last summer. It wasn't really our best performance and it's not that easy for a black metal band to deal with a bursting sun. About the origin of our band, there is not too much to be said: the band has been formed in 2004, most of us never played with a band earlier and some of us were in their thirties at the time. We weren't (and still aren't) great musicians but we always tried our best in order to perform some nice shows and decent music.



Sturmglanz: Before we talk about "Ravencrowned", the most important question for our readers. Do you have a new album in the pipeline?


Kaiserreich: Sure we have. Indeed, we have two new albums on the starting line. But this doesn't mean that we're a prolific band. On the contrary, we're a bunch of lazy bastards so we take so long to finalize our third album that we are now ready to record the fourth. Now, the third album is finally complete so it should be out by the end of the year. The album is entitled 'Cuore Nero' which means 'Black Heart' in italian. The new album will have lyrics in our native language which is not usual for us. We're not involved in some patriotic shit or what, but the music lead us on this path. The new album lyrics will be focused on human despair and cosmic depression, but the music won't be that different from our former works. The album will also contain a new version of the song appeared on the 7'' split with Nocturnal Depression and a cover of High Hopes (Pink Floyd). This winter we'll start to record the fourth album that will be a single 30minutes song about a cosmic trip through the loneliness of the universe. It will be somewhat unusual for us even on the musical mood.


Sturmglanz: Now we come to "Ravencrowned". This was published in 2011. After some time you will see many things differently. Since it looks today satisfied with the album?


Kaiserreich: Well, as everyone knows (except the fools and the arrogants) you can't be utterly satisfied by something you've done. There is always some margin to improve yourself and your work. The album has a lot of flaws on several aspects but we're pretty satisfied in what we achieved. At the time we were at the top of our passion for music and we had lot of hopes about the future. Every time I look to the Ravencrowned cover I'm also looking back to those days and those hopes. It's kinda melancholic, you know, sad and sweet at the same time. Ravencrowned is far from being a perfect album, but I think I won't ever be so proudful of anything else I'll do.


Sturmglanz: How was the feedback from the media? Are you interested in these statements at all?


Kaiserreich: Sure we are interested in any feedback. We're not into the “who fuckin' care about the world” mood. If we didn't care about the world, we probably won't play live. Or won't play at all. Music, as any other form of art, lives into the artist as well into the beholder. This doesn't mean that we really consider what the media says. The most common complaint about Ravencrowned was the exceeding length of the songs and now we're about to recording a thirty minutes single song. The reviews of Ravencrowned were moderately positive but many reviewers pointed the finger on our lack of originality. Which is true. We're not against modernization or contamination, but the music we're playing is the music that we like. We can deal with a world that doesn't fuckin' care about us.



Sturmglanz: Do you have some favorite songs on the album and if so, why?


Kaiserreich: I can't talk for the rest of the band, but as I said I really love the whole album and I'm proud to be part of it. If I had to suggest some songs to the readers I would pick the fast paced ones such as Vae Victis or Denverkschythend. A.B. 86 has also a great and bombastic mood.


Sturmglanz: What Is the content of their song text and what inspirations you?


Kaiserreich: Ravencrowned is a concept album about a dark-fantasy world. The son of the emperor, ruelr of the dark lands, is the leader of the royal guard and he tries to seize the throne. The usurper fails his goal and his father (the Ravencrowned) condemned him to be eaten alive by the courtiers. The royal guard, which couldn't refuse to follow their leader orders, had condamned to a painful and frightening death. They accept their fate because they are devoted to the emperor but their death is still unjust. After being tortured and killed, their souls coalesce into a vindictive entity known as Anima, searchin for revenge. This 'beast' is finally killed and mercifully purified by the blade of Denverkschythend (the emperor's sword). This is the short  and not-so-poetic version.


Sturmglanz:  The cover of the album is awesome and powerful. Can you tell us what is behind it and who designed it?


Kaiserreich: The artist is a poland guy named Michal Klimczak. You can easily find him on DeviantArt. We found an early version of this art on the web and asked Michal if he could change it for our purposes. The art was perfect because depicted the idea of the Ravencrowned emperor which is condemned to his role of leader. His fate of ruler is some kind of damnation and this is well represented in the art by the fact that the demon figure is fused into the throne. The cover of the upcoming album is still a nice work of Michal.


Sturmglanz:  As the split came about with Nocturnal Depression? Is it possible to split somewhere purchase?


Kaiserreich: We've been in touch with Nocturnal Depression because we performed some shows side by side. Lord Lokhred of Nocturnal Depression is a very active guy and he proposed the idea of the split. We accepted  'cause this was a chance to work with our french friends and to try something different. The song included in the split (Solitudes of Infinite) was composed by the bassist and differs a lot from our usual mood. Unfortunatelly, I think the split is completely sold out. But as I said, we included that song in our upcoming album (as well as Nocturnal Depression have done with their song in the Cult of Negation album).


Sturmglanz: Are we talking about a sensitive issue. The name "KAISERREICH" leaves some people here lift your finger in Germany! Why this name and what you associate with it? Connects it a political setting that?


Kaiserreich: Yeah, we know many have a problem with that. Our band has really nothing to do with political shit and we're not a NSBM band in any sense. Kaiserreich was always intended with its literal meaning (Empire), but of course we know it sounds nazi. We never aimed to the glorification of the Nazism but  we thought that Kaiserreich sounded threatening and harsh, which is good for a black metal band.


Sturmglanz: How do you see yourself in the Italian scene? Do you have contact with other bands and you have also contact to Germany?


Kaiserreich: The italian scene is not that big nor that interesting, to be honest. We are just another band in the mass of bands. We are not so good at playing, we're not the kind of band that plays often and we're definitely not the kind of band with lot of contacts and connections. Nonetheless, we're still here after ten years and we achieved some of the goals we aimed for:. We played in Germany a couple of time (in Stuttgart and Konstanz), which is sad because the german scene is quite cool. Unfortunately, we're not in touch with any german band.


Sturmglanz: I've never seen Merchandise from the Empire. Are there any shirts or patches... if so, where? Will there be something new?


Kaiserreich: We have some merchandise left: T-shirts, Long-Sleeves, patches and pins. Usual stuff. You can purchase all of our stuff on the facebook official page of the band.


Sturmglanz: More and more bands are "forced" to position themselves politically. How you rated the Black metal scene to issue in Europe?


Kaiserreich: I'm not sure I understand this question. If I must position the black metal genre into some politic view, sure it's a right-winged one. Themes and values of black metal has more to share with fascism than communism or socialism. But Black Metal is much more. The fascination for death has no political equivalent as well as the natural recall or the research for inner despair. Of course there are lot of bands that are using BM as a propaganda tool or as a brand to sell their products. In Italy we have plenty of bands that praise Mussolini or look back to our roman ancestors. We're not into this and I personally think it's crap because I'm for Europe and for modernity, but they have usually more success than us so we're probably wrong.


Sturmglanz: How to go from here with KAISERREICH? Where and when can we see you once live, after ye have you been retained live?


Kaiserreich: Our plan for the near future is to release the third album and promote it. We will play by the end of october with Nargaroth here in Italy, but this is the only scheduled gig at the moment. We're waiting for some proposal and it would be great to visit again Germany and its people.



Eternal Hate Fest 2014 (Cz)


Sturmglanz: Thank you for the interview. The last words are yours.


Kaiserreich: We just want to thank you and readers for the your consideration. We're not the best band in the world but we're proud of our music and if you'll spend some time of yours with our songs it'll be great.


Varar Wallheim  (Oktober 2014)


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