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Bandinterview: Funeral Fog


Sturmglanz: Hailz, first of all thank you for this interview. Many of our readers are looking forward to your answers and what you have to say. I am looking forward to your words. I recently saw you with FUNERAL FOG at afestival was initially a bit confused, but absolutely loved it. Can you tell us first about the origin of FUNERAL FOG?


Funeral Fog: Funeral Fog was born in 2003 as a mysanthropic black metal solo-project, from my personal idea and will. I write lyrics and music, sing and play drums, guitars and bass, without the use of samples. In 2003 I recorded the first demo, "The return of hate and darkness", limited to only one copy; in 2007 I recorded the second demo "Crepuscular illness" numbered and limited to 100 copies; in 2009 I recorded the third demo "Hidden by the fog" numbered and limited to 300 copies. During winter 2013/14 I recorded the full-length "Isolated from light", 47 minutes of misanthropic black metal, but I still don't know when it will come out.



Sturmglanz: Since 2007, you've just released 2 demos, why have you only now a full album released?


Funeral Fog: As I said before, the third demo went out in 2009, so five years have passed without I didn't release nothing, simply because it doesn't have any sense for me to record material on material. Long periods of silence and isolation are necessary to create the right atmospheres and sensations to compose material with an insane, hateful, dark and misanthropic feeling. This is one of my personal need.


Sturmglanz: But now it's done, in the next few days "Isolated From Light"appears on the label War Against Yourself! Tell us a bit about this album! What awaits the listener?


Funeral Fog: Yes, finally after some years will be out the full for WarAgainstYourself, I take this opportunity to thank who, with a lot of enthusiasm and morbid passion, stands behind this label. Regarding music, I always try to propose a misanthropic and essential black metal and surely, compared with previous works, this full is more introspective and personal.


Sturmglanz: Please tell us anything important about each song?


Funeral Fog: The lyrics of the songs are the result of my personal expierences, so I would prefer to not talk about it.


Sturmglanz: Which Spirit and what influences affect you on your way to this kind of Black Metal to play? For my review I had unfortunately there are no texts. Please tell us a little bit about the thoughts that you have cast on "Isolated From Light" in verse and music!


Funeral Fog: Isolation, misanthropy, hatred, loneliness and darkness influence my way of composing music, but when I write I'm also influenced by the insane and dark side of human mind (there are about 12 years that I work as a nurse in a psychiatric ward near my city) and this affects my music. Surely also nature that surrounds me and the vibrations it creates, influence my way of composing music. I won't talk about the lyrics of the full, but my thoughts, atmospheres and sensations I tried to evoke and transmit with "Isolated from light" are hatred, darkness, misanthropy, loneliness, isolation and insanity.


Sturmglanz: You step on and live on festival and concerts. However, you are completely alone on stage. The music comes from the band here. How do you feel without other musicians.


Funeral Fog: It is very rare to see me live e obviously it is a personal choice. Funeral Fog was born as a dream to be lived alone and nothing and no one will be ever part of it, the same is for the live I did. As you could see  the 19th July during the Eternal Hate Fest at Nyrsko (CZ), I'm alone also on stage, I sing on the music previously recorded by me. It doens't create any problem to me, because it's perfectly accorded with Funeral Fog music and philosophy.


Sturmglanz: Are you looking for other musicians for your way?


Funeral Fog: Nothing and no one will ever be part of Funeral Fog.



Sturmglanz: Are there any bands with whom you absolutely want to go on tour  again?


Funeral Fog: 19th July live at Nyrsko (CZ) (+Link) was my last live expierence.


Sturmglanz: Is it possible that your old demos „Crepuscular Illness“ (2007) and „Hidden by the Fog“ (2010) will also be published again?


Funeral Fog: At the moment I didn't have any proposal by anyone to reprint my demos, so I can't give you a precise answer.


Sturmglanz: Standing in the near future to any gigs of you? Are live performances planned in Germany?


Funeral Fog: As I said before, the 19th July live was my last live expierence.


Sturmglanz: Will there be in the future, T-Shirts and Merchandise from FUNERAL FOG?


Funeral Fog: Funeral Fog t-shirts with the logo are already available.


Sturmglanz: What are your future plans with FUNERAL FOG?


Funeral Fog: I don't have any future plan with Funeral Fog.


Sturmglanz: What FUNERAL FOG mean for your everyday life and in what connection is the band to your own personality?


Funeral Fog: It isn't an easy question. I consider myself an introspective person, with a not easy temperament and a little bit egocentric. I have an iron will, if I have something in my mind I do everything to realize it. I share my life with few people I know from many years and I don't care about what the others think about me, I try to realize myself knowing I'm doing what I like the most, respecting and estemating who respects and estimates me. I need to stay much time alone and in contact with nature, away from masses, and to enjoy its perfumes, shapes, colours and fruits. I think with this few words to have explained the connection there is between Funeral Fog and my everyday life.



Sturmglanz: What religion and occultism as ritual and as religious beliefs mean to you? How important are they for the development and definition of your personality?


Funeral Fog: I don't believe and I don't belong to any sect or religious movement, for me they only limit and enslave people. I prefer to think and act by myself.


Sturmglanz: What is there to report on the Italian scene? Are there any bands that you can recommend?


Funeral Fog: For me in the italian scene the are some valid and excellent bands, personally I support with nostalgia the primordial scene of my country, so esteem and respect to Apolokia, Ugluk, Brisen, Vardan, Altar of Perversion, Mortuary Drape,Dungeon,Tenebrae in Perpetuum, first Necromass and fwe others.


Sturmglanz: Are you still active in other bands?


Funeral Fog: I never played in other bands outside Funeral Fog.


Sturmglanz: That brings us already at the end of the interview arrived. I thank you for the time you have taken and wish you all the best for the future! I hope you see yourself someday live!


Funeral Fog: I thank you for the support and the interest towards Funeral Fog, for the opportunity you gave me to let my project to be known with your zine, maybe one day we'll meet. Keep away from light and humanity, Nittalopia.


Varar Wallheim  (September 2014)


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