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Bandinterview: Heldentod


Sturmglanz: Hailz, first of all thanks for these words with STURMGLANZ. Can you with a few words to introduce the band “HELDENTOD”?


S. Zoltán: Hails! The band was formed by me (guitars, lyrics) and C.Balázs (drums) in 2005. Our goal was to create a music which differs from the Hungarian scene in it’s attitude. We wanted to create something intellectual within the borders of this genre. Of course the beginning was very weak due to our lack of experience but as we were able to work together and being not just musicians in a band but also friends we improved a lot and finally we thought it’s time to unleash the debut album.


Sturmglanz: In February, your first album „Virradat“ is now available. Explain to us what awaits the listener?


S. Zoltán: Well, musically nothing unconventional: mostly fast rhythms with some punk touches and still a little atmospheric part. I always write lyrics when the music is done so it will surely fit the mood. It’s a concept album which tries to give perspectives for the listener to overcome the illusion of death, both musically and visually.


Sturmglanz: Can you perhaps say something about the individual songs?


S. Zoltán: Lyrics are very important in Heldentod, so I would say all of them has one common duty: to make the listener imagine a world beyond death, to strengthen him through an audial vision of a higher existence. I would not like to pick up a song as the whole albums works as one.



Sturmglanz: How was ever the feedback for the album?


S. Zoltán: As far as I know we had only positive feedbacks. Of course there are some mistakes we made - in songwriting and recording as well - through the whole process and I knew them from the beginning but one thing has to be understood: this is our debut album, some of the songs are quite old but as they fit in the concept and they show a continuation of development they should be on the record. I would like to take the opportunity to thank our friends for their constructive criticism and support!


C. Balázs: I got good feedbacks from Hungary, Poland, Greece, France, Germany and USA. I think the fans are satisfied with our debut album.


Sturmglanz: What is your personal favorite on the album and why?


S. Zoltán: The last one is my favourite, Mors Triumphalis, because with the talent of guest musicians (Rády Sándor and Kollár Wágner László from Scivias, and WLR from Witchcraft, Klaan Studio) this track has reached the hights of spiritual essence of Heldentod. Everything this band is about is in this one song.


C. Balázs: My favourite is the 5th song, Az acél igazsága (Justice of the steel). The lyrics are very powerful and heroic and fits perfectly to the music. I love the piano theme at the end of the song which is also the introduction of the last song!



Sturmglanz: For you are a political band that wants to say something with their texts. Unfortunately the lyrics with my promo were not included, so you now have the opportunity to tell our readers about what's going on in your texts it thematically?


S. Zoltán: As I’m getting older I have a clearer idea on what should be the lyrics about in such a band and I realize: everything. And what deals with every aspects of our lives? Politics. It strongly effects your life. If you are not thinking about politics you’re simply a liar. Of course now I’m talking about politics derive from a superior hierarchy and not the nowadays money making circus. In those days politics were based on divine duty, honour. It was more an implementation plan of a spiritual hierarchy where every single being has it’s own place with it’s duty. Our concept is an inexorable wish to return to this condition through heroic death. For me this is a task what I should face and be ready when it’s time for it. I see it as a lifelong task which has a lot of different subtasks to prepare for the final one. The lyrics are trying to show different sides of such an extreme action, to make it closer to the ones who feel community with our songs.


Sturmglanz: What to tell us the „Virradat“ artwork? Who designed it?


S. Zoltán: The visual was designed by Wasted Time Graphics ( ). He’s a good friend of us and we know each other for many years. He made designs for many Hungarian bands in the underground and as we are on the same opinions in many things I didn’t have to explain too much about my ideas on visuals, in fact he did it by himself without control. The result speaks for itself, it fits perfectly the musical concept!


Sturmglanz: There is a release "Live in Zatec". This was greatly limited and is already sold. Will there be a new edition. At this concert very many German were present, unfortunately, the scene in Germany has nothing not notice that there is also a record.


S. Zoltán: I don’t think we want this to be re-released. We made a lot of mistakes during the performance on that concert and also this sound quality is enough for a limited tape-r, hahaha!


C. Balázs: It was a great show. We played two gig in Zatec with bands like Dark Fury (our polish brothers!) and Nokturnal Mortum. The first day was a very special day for us, because 23 October is a memorial day of the Hungarian heroes who fought against the fucking communist scums and the soviet invaders in 1956. Zoltan some speech in english about it on the stage and we dedicated a song to these hungarian heroes. It was a great gig! There was lot of german people and they were very good audience! I have a little story about the first night. Me and Zsigmond, the singer of Heldentod, went to the bar and we wanted to drink some beers. We stood at the bar and two german guys came to us and asked me: „Hi, are you the guys from Heldentod?“ I told to him: „Yes, we are.“ Then the guy told me: „We came from Frankfurt that we have seen your gig. Do you want drink something?“ It felt very good  to us and we were very grateful for all guys who came to Zatec and see our gigs. Special thanks to the german fans for the german mosh-pit! I hope one day this stuff will be re-released on CD or LP and we can play there again! It would be great!


Sturmglanz: The show was very brutal and aggressive, this is still true today at your concerts?


S. Zoltán: Yes, if our singer doesn’t fuck up the show by blowing up a shaken beer bottle on the stage then it’d remain a tough concert, hahaha! To be serious we are experienced musicians with a stable idea and performing a live show is always cathartic and therefore also for the audience as I experienced.


C. Balázs: Yes, it is true. We got some gigs in Czech Republic (Zatec, Brno, Hell Fast Attack Festival) and the guys told us: „You play very good and brutal music and your singer is a fucking maniac!“ He usually jump in the crowd! Total crazy guy!


Sturmglanz: How did the people have responded to date on your live performances?


S. Zoltán: As I remember they liked our performance pretty much! During the first songs they are coming closer to see what is this. They are kind of curious who are these guys with unortodox black metal outfit in regular clothes, haha! And after a while people go mad, and I see some fanatic passion in their eyes, haha!


C. Balázs: The hungarian crowd is very calm. Just look on you from thier head and don’t move. The Czech guys are fucking crazy!




Sturmglanz: How much HELDENTOD is influenced by your own personality?


S. Zoltán: Very much. It is a reflection of my personality and I’m lucky that I can play with such people in a band who mostly share these ideas of mine.


C. Balázs: Strongly. Our faith, daily fights and patriotism are there in our music. Our music are rampant, harsh and heroic than like our soul.


Sturmglanz: Unfortunately, you can find out about you on the Internet only slightly. As far as I know there is no "right" homepage. This will hopefully change soon!


S. Zoltán: If somebody would do it for free for us then there will be one, hahaha! I used to care about this media to make people reach us but as you see life figured it out to get in touch with us, see us on stage or listen to our album. I don’t think I will waste my time on making a homepage for the band.


C. Balázs: We never had a website. Not important for us. If you really want to hear the sound of the truth then our music will reach you without website.


Sturmglanz: Can you tell us something about Hungarian Black Metal scene? How should we think of this?


S. Zoltán: I’m not interested in so-called scenes anymore. My life is beyond such topics. Balázs knows more about this, he’s really into it!


C. Balázs: I run a printed fanzine and a small label and I can see these things clearly. Unfortunatelly, the hungarian scene is full of posers and hippies. There are a few good bands like Vérzivatar, Witchcraft, Lepra, Kolp, Velm and even some. If 70-80 people came in a gig then it is a good gig. The guys are poor and drink cheap beers in their home rather than came a concert. Sad days!


Sturmglanz: Who are your musical idols? Who has influenced you?


S. Zoltán: A couple of weeks ago I’ve seen Wagner’s Parsifal and I’m still under it’s influence. If we can talk about musical idols Wagner is one of them. There’s a lot of kind of music what I like to listen such as the early albums of The Cure, some martial industrial music like Arditi, neofolk bands like Sonne Hagal. Nowadays I’m in love with the album called VLTRA from SPITE EXTREME WING (rip).


C. Balázs: I started drumming about 15 years ago. I learnt the basics by a teacher then I taught myself. My favourite drummer is Dave Lombardo. He is the most important influence of me. My favourite band was Slayer from 1989 until Jeff’s death and Dave’s fired. The music of Heldentod is not too complicated and i play simpler drum fills and grooves. I play other bands beside Heldentod (Vérzivatar, Terrorfront, Ghoulvore) and I play other types of rhythms and beats in those. Another favourite drummers of mine are Mikkey Dee, Richard Christy, Chris Reifert and Vince Verkay.


Sturmglanz: What are your future plans with HELDENTOD? Do you think because of something longer term and / or are you thinking about it ever after?


S. Zoltán: No long term plans; this is one of the advanteges when you keep your music as a kind of private panic room where you play music with your friends so nobody pushes you to think about future. I have some new riffs and already made one new song with Balázs, probably we’ll release it next year with another song on EP.



Sturmglanz: What are your future plans? What concerts are up next? In this context: Why the German Underground tearing not even together and organized concerts or a tour?


S. Zoltán: You should ask germans about it (and maybe the police) and not me, haha! We would gladly play in Germany, having some fun with foreign friends, share our thoughts on different topics. For us it‘s culturally uplifting to not just go somewhere and play then get the hell out of there but also have some conversation. Anyway our lyrics are totally legal even in Germany otherwise our album would not be released in Czech Republic which country also have strict rules.


Sturmglanz: This brings us to the well at the end, the last words are traditionally among the band:


S. Zoltán: Start to read books, spend your money on education rather self-destructive lifestyle! Thank you for your support and good questions, hope to see you soon in Germany!


C. Balázs: Support music, not rumors! Kitartás!


Varar Wallheim (Mai 2014)


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