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Bandinterview: Sear Bliss


Die Ungarischen Sear Bliss befinden sich gerade im Studio um ihr neues Album, dass im Februar 2012 erscheinen soll, aufzunehmen. Was uns erwartet und welche Pläne es gibt erfahrt ihr in einen kurzen Interview .


Sturmglanz: How are you? How far are you with the recordings for the new album?


Sear Bliss: Not too bad... I`m trying to enjoy my sudden free time after finishing the recordings of our new album. It was definitely our most challenging effort so far. It took two months with almost no day - off to finish it completely. It was a really heavy period but nothing compares to the feeling when you can sit back finally and listen to what you have created. Anyway, I enjoy working in the studio, so no complaints at all but at the end I felt I really need more sleep otherwise I kill someone.


Sturmglanz: What can we expect on the new release?



Sear Bliss: You can expect nothing we did before. This is really a new chapter in the life of the band. This is our most experimental album without doubt. Though I don`t think it was just a selfish expression. There might be people who will like this release. Some will not understand, some will prefer this album when comparing to its predecessors.


Sturmglanz: When will it be released new album?


Sear Bliss: We wanted it to be released at the end of this year but as we needed more time than we thought we couldn`t finish it in the summer, so it will be out in February 2012.


Sturmglanz: What is the name of the album?


Sear Bliss: It`s entitled "Eternal Recurrence".


Sturmglanz: What is the current lineup of Sear Bliss?


Sear Bliss: We have a line up for the live shows consisting original Sear Bliss guitarists, Csaba Csejtei and Janos Barbarics. We have Oliver Zisko on drums and Balazs Bruszel as trumpet player and me as bassist/vocalist. However the complete album was recorded by me and our drummer plus a few guest musicians for the wind instruments.


Sturmglanz: What can we expect this year by Sear Bliss?


Sear Bliss: Like I said our plan was to release the new album this year but as this is not going to happen, you cannot expect too much. We want to rehearse a lot in order to start next year`s shows with a completely new setlist. 2012 will be the year for Sear Bliss in many ways.


Sturmglanz: Will we soon have gigs or a tour through Germany?


Sear Bliss: Yes, definitely. There is a plan for a tour to support our new album in February. There are no dates yet but soon I will know more about this. There will be German shows for sure.



Sturmglanz: Can you tell us one positive and one negative experience that happened on tour?


Sear Bliss: It`s really difficult to answer this because there were so many...I try to pick up one example for each. A definitely positive thing was when we had the chance with nearly no live experience to tour Europe in 1997 with Marduk. We played at really great venues and at the age of 18 it was really special. A negative experience was when then band broke up at the end of this tour, as we were too young and inexperienced and couldn`t handle the whole situation, touring, etc.


Sturmglanz:  What do you think of the German Black Metal scene?


Sear Bliss: To be honest, I don`t really follow any scene nowadays but there are some really great bands in Germany, like Secrets Of The Moon or Lunar Aurora (though they are on a hiatus now).


Sturmglanz: The last words are yours!


Sear Bliss: Thanks for your questions. We highly appreciate your support. We can`t wait to return to Germany to play a few shows again. Give "Eternal Recurrence" a try. This is something people wouldn`t expect from Sear Bliss but I`m sure there are some who will understand what we are trying to express. Cheers.


Thurock (September 2011)


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